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All tracks are CC0.
Untitled (110) download
Short Chiptune track meant to be looped. Inspired by Solar Jetman and Ironsword.

Untitled (111) download

Mobius download
A short track meant to be looped.

Stupid Movie Trailer download
This is every stupid horror film trailer music ever.

Untitled (89) download
This would go good on an 80s cop show.

Emerge download
Sort of synth-y.

Victorious download
8-bit style tune. LowSpecGamer on youtube uses this for his outro.

A Wonderful Nightmare download

A Wonderful Nightmare (Chiptune version) download

Untitled (20 8bit) download

Untitled (FL138) download
Castlevania-ish chiptune.

The Birth of Evil download
A creepy ambient noise/experimental track that reminds me of something you'd find in a metroid game.

Pulse download
High energy track I initially used in my game Robot Spider Invasion.

Pulse (8 bit) download
Chiptune version of Pulse.

A New Day download
Some happy adventure music.

Untitled (24) download
Funky chiptune that reminds me of Maniac Mansion.

Untitled (27) download

Untitled (22) download
Short chiptune that might be good for a game cut-scene.

Untitled (21) download

Untitled (4alt) download
High energy track.

Untitled (34) download
Piano and keyboard track.

Untitled (42) download

Untitled (51) download
Cool funky track.

Arrival download
I wrote this with creepy bugs in mind.

Untitled (74) download

Fray download
RPG battle music style.