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SpiderDave (Administrator)Monday, Sep 4th 2017 2:10 AM

Various programs/scripts/tools I've made.

.rofl File Viewer
   League of Legends replay file tool
Starbound Make Script
   Starbound mod utility script
   NES Tool
.rofl File Viewer#
SpiderDave (Administrator)Monday, Sep 11th 2017 7:11 PM

A browser-based tool to load some information from .rofl files, the replay format for League of Legends.  This is handy for figuring out which replay is which without having to load each one up.

Try it out here:
Starbound Make Script#
SpiderDave (Administrator)Friday, Sep 2nd 2016 12:15 AM

This is a Windows batch script to help automate creating Starbound mods.  It requires 7z.  It will create a Steam Workshop version of your mod as well as a .zip package with a .pak inside, and copy a local version to your mods folder.

SpiderDave (Administrator)Thursday, Jul 7th 2016 12:35 AM

DavePatcher is a command-line tool with a focus on NES hacking using small script files (I name them with a file convention like "foobar.patch.txt" personally).

Made in Lua (srlua+lua-gd)

Lua-GD (put the .dlls in the program folder)

Check out the README for syntax and features:

Let's patch the graphics of The Legend of Zelda.  First, we create the script file:

We'll also need this sprite image:


This is just an example (and it doesn't map all link's frames yet), but there's lots of little things it can do, like apply ips patches (you could easily use your defined tile map to rip or mod graphics of hacks too), apply game genie codes, change text, etc.  I'm throwing whatever I feel like in this tool so I don't know what it'll become but so far, it's nice.

Here are some other ideas of things I may add:
• Ability to generate graphics on the fly, procedurally.
• Game-specific components
• Generic level/structure editor using simple ascii art and files to define level structure (I have made something like this before, it's neat.)
• Some kind of ASM integration, with searching or maybe even defining in-line ASM snippets and applying them.
• A companion Lua emulator script or some other kind of emulator integration to help rip some data, like sprite tile maps and palettes.
• Audio ripping? I have no idea how any of that works atm.

I hope you find this useful!