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.rofl Viewer#
SpiderDave (Administrator)Thursday, Oct 5th 2017 8:36 PM

This is a tool for viewing information in .rofl files, the replay files used by League of Legends. This is handy for identifying a replay without having to load it up first. Drag a .rofl file to the specified area on this page to load it. The file will not be uploaded to a server. Javascript is used to read the file locally.

Browser support:
•Firefox - works. Tested in Firefox 55.0.3 on Windows, Firefox Quantum 58.0.2 (64 Bit) Windows
•Google Chrome - works. Tested in Google Chrome 61.0.3163.100 on Windows
•Internet Explorer - unknown. Does not work in IE9 due to lack of drag and drop functionality. It may work in 10+
•Safari - unknown. Tested in Safari 5.1.1 for Windows. Does not work in Safari 5 due to lack of drag and drop functionality.